Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Blog

Welcome to the inaugural post on this brand new blog of mine, All The Girls! The title was inspired by our firstborn. She has always loved that she, myself, and her little sister are “daddy’s girls.” When she found out we were expecting a third baby in our family, she just knew it would be another girl and daddy would then have “all the girls.” Turns out she was right! It seemed like the perfect title for a blog journaling our experience raising three little girls. In addition to some of our daily activities and adventures I hope to write about all sorts of topics in parenting, specifically parenting girls, and especially things that make me laugh :) Our newest baby girl will be here in just a few more weeks, so the focus of our parenting journey has definitely settled on the joys and challenges unique to raising a house full of girls (well, currently a basement full of girls… but more on that later!).
In today’s world, raising girls is no simple task. Everyone warns us about the teenage years of boys and hormones (we all remember middle school, right?), but in 2015 the challenges of raising girls and preparing them to handle the struggles and issues they’ll face as they grow up begin much earlier than that. There are controversies surrounding matters of bullying, body-image, and gender-roles just to name a few, that begin even in the pre-school years. Will Barbie ruin their body images forever? Will playing with dolls and a play kitchen make them believe the only acceptable place for women in society is at home with the children? What about the pink toys? What about the messages they get from TV shows & commercials? Do you let your kids watch TV?! It can be overwhelming, and I’m here to share (maybe even over-share) how we navigate all of these challenges and more.
Our goal, like most parents, is to raise independent, confident, self-respecting people. That’s not always as easy as it sounds, and it’s not always the same for girls and boys. Some of the very basic ideas and principles we’ve chosen to live by and utilize in order to raise our girls in the healthiest way possible include Attachment Parenting, minimalism, homeschooling, clean eating, and a Christ-centered family – all of which will be central topics of this blog.
After nearly 8 years of blogging in a personal journal style, I’m really looking forward to starting fresh here with a topic of focus I could not feel more passionate about! I hope you’ll stick around, learn something, laugh a lot, share your thoughts and comments, and share what you find here with others who might enjoy it!
All the best-

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