Monday, May 25, 2015

The Best Laid Plans

Our original plan was to move in with my in-laws for six months. Then I got pregnant and was due exactly when we were planning to move out of my in-laws' and into our own place. So that plan changed. Our six month stay was extended to eight months.

We originally planned to have our house rented in the fall and save a bunch of money while living with my in-laws. Then it took us much longer than we expected to get it ready to list. It didn't get listed until after the new year and wasn't under lease until March. So that plan changed. So much for saving a bunch of money before we moved.

When we were finally ready to move, we planned to stay in Eldersburg where both of our parents live. There was very little on the market, however, and the first three houses we lined up to look at were promptly rented before we even got to see them. It became clear that once again, the plan would have to change.

Out of frustration one day I expanded my search to include Westminster. I really didn't want to live that much further out, but there were so many more houses available. I found one at the very southern edge of town that met all of our requirements. We decided it was worth at least a showing. 

It turned out to be the one. We've now been living in our new house for a week.  It wasn't an easy road to get here, and things didn't always go according to our plans, but every single day we've been here has given me glimpses of why this is where we're meant to be. We've had more conversation with our neighbors in the past week than we did in 7 years of living at our old house. Our girls have been able to play outside anytime they want. We've been able to eat out on our deck and enjoy the view of rolling hills, trees, and fields in the distance instead of the back of a shopping center. I live in the same town as one of my siblings for the first time in almost ten years. My sister and I could possibly run into each other in the store or randomly meet for coffee. We were able to go watch my nephew's baseball game on a whim the other night. 

All of these are somewhat small things in the grand scheme, but when you've spent so much time without such simple pleasures, especially those that make my girls happy, they become big things. We're not yet sure how long we'll call this new place home. We definitely know how plans can change! But we're so happy with where we've landed for this leg of our adventure and couldn't be more excited to watch our girls grow and thrive here.

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