Sunday, July 5, 2015

Girl Talk

Big Sister's vocabulary and conversational skills are really exploding right now, and Little Sister is at that age where she talks pretty much non-stop and 75% of what she says is the funniest thing I've ever heard. So I thought I'd share in a little segment I decided to call "Girl Talk." Oh yes. I came up with that clever little gem all on my own! And I'll warn you in advance, I probably find these little tidbits WAAY more amusing than you will ;)

Playing with my camera....
Little Sister: Say cheese, mommy!
Me: Cheeeese! (her nickname)
LS: What?

I lifted Baby Sister out of her swing and had a blanket around her legs....
LS: Oh. Baby Sister's a mermaid??

Someone called her a chick...
LS: I not a chicken!

LS: I want Kispies, mommy. Yea. And Cheerios.
Me: Deliver a bowl with krispies & Cheerios.
LS: (wailing) I want Mini Wheats, mommy!

LS: Hi mommy. I wake up Baby Sister.

LS: Mommy! A ant!!
Me: It's ok, he's not bothering you, he's just doing his work.
LS: Oh. Yea. He looking at he compooter.

BS: Mommy, soon my hair will be so long that I won't need a blanket in winter! 

LS: Mommy, look at this banana muffin! Isn't he so cute? You want to pet him? I going to eat him.

BS: This is is the best dinner you ever made, mom. I just don't like it. But it IS really good. 

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