Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hide and Seek

We spent the majority of the day today getting ready for our July 4th party tomorrow (...technically today since it's now after midnight). So this evening the big girls were hurting for some outside time. I wanted to take care of a few things outside anyway and Prince Charming had just finished cutting the grass, so I took them outside with me to let them run around for a little while - which, if you recall, was one of the biggest reasons we set out on our 3-move journey to our forever home.

I sat on the deck steps holding Baby Sister while Big Sister and Little Sister took off running. A few minutes later they had decided to play hide-and-seek. There aren't many hiding places in our backyard so I was curious how their game would play out. Also, Little Sister is only 2 and hardly understands the concept of hide-and-seek. But she can count to ten, so the game was on. Big Sister ran over to hide (visibly) behind a pine tree near the playground. Little Sister sat beside me on the steps and loudly counted to ten. Then she jumped up and took off running in her little polo dress, diaper swishing, and baby doll under her arm. She ran right to Big Sister and they both squealed and laughed with excitement at the sight of each other. It might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen, if this hadn't happened next...

Big Sister comes over beside me to count while Little Sister takes off running to the exact same hiding spot - visible behind the pine tree. When she gets to ten, Big Sister turns to start running. About halfway to the pine tree Little Sister comes running out to greet her. They squeal and laugh, and Little Sister comes running back to count again while Big Sister returns to the pine tree.

Their incredibly simple - and somewhat flawed ;) - game was pure joy to them. Two sisters, running around in their back yard, laughing and squealing together. Prince Charming came out to join me on the steps and we just sat there marveling at how unbelievably adorable they are and how happy they make us. This moment of bliss tonight was thanks to our decision to take the risk and move out of our old house. It was a game they never would have played because we didn't have our own backyard for them to run and play in. I'm still so aware of every precious moment when I see something happening that wouldn't have happened had we not left our house. All of the simple, wonderful things that take place in your own back yard that we would have just missed out on. It reminds me how worth it that risk was. And it reminds me that we are exactly where we're meant to be. I'm a strong believer that God gives us those moments to remind us that He's guiding our way and if we follow Him, He'll take care of the rest. 

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