Friday, July 24, 2015

Moving {With Kids}

You know how people hate moving because it's such a pain? Well moving when you have kids is way harder. There's the extra furniture, clothing, gear, toys and books, yea. But moving all the extra stuff is the easy part. Trying to unpack and organize a house from scratch while still maintaining some kind of normal schedule and routine for three kids is the real kicker.

So we still have a box or 2 in most rooms waiting to be unpacked. Those are the non-necessities that didn't have to be unpacked immediately as a matter of survival- probably picture frames, books, decorative things. As a minimalist I could argue that I don't really need them, but I'm going to at least try to get to a point where the house is actually decorated before deciding to toss things. Chances are I'd get rid of them all (which admittedly isn't always easy for me) only to look around and think, "Gee, this wall could use some framed photos!" And then I turn around and spend money on items I just gave away. 

We have managed a few fun projects beyond unpacking though. Originally the paint in the house was supposed to be touched up before we moved in, but the homeowner was moving out of state and ran out of time to do it. So since we were going to have to paint anyway, I decided to choose a color that was more our taste and paint the entry, living room and kitchen. 

What a dramatic difference in making the space feel like our own! We went from a peachy-beige in the entry and living room, and a deep gold in the kitchen to a soothing greige (Sculptor Clay by Behr) in both. I am not a warm-color person except perhaps a touch here and there, so the cool and calm greige made me feel much more at home, not to mention matched our existing furniture and decor much better, and even complimented the existing warm-toned wood floors significantly better. The dining room also needs paint but it's a different color entirely and split with a chair rail, so we'll get to that later. It's currently dark red on the bottom half and stark white on the top, but I'm envisioning a nice, sophisticated navy on the bottom half. I also got a few picture ledges hung and some photos up on the walls so it looks like we live here. One wall simply had the round bubble thermostat in the middle of it which just looked ridiculous, so we hung a mantle ledge above it to distract the eye!

I have a few ideas for the kitchen and have contemplated hanging curtains even though we have wood blinds throughout the house. Curtains, even if they're just dummy panels on the sides, go a long way in making a room look cozy and finished. Alas, there are other priorities though (the girls' bedroom is currently painted cardboard brown for starters) so we'll see if I get around to "finishing touches before it's time to get move on to our next adventure! ;)

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