Friday, December 2, 2016

Night Terrors Part 2: Answered Prayer

At the time I wrote my last post, we were feeling pretty discouraged and desperate. We had tried several different solutions to help stop our 6-year old daughter's night terrors. We had banned any mildly scary/questionable tv shows or movies, were vigilant about her using the bathroom right before bed time, and tried waking her up right before the night terrors typically occurred. All of those efforts were to no avail. The night terrors had been going on nightly for weeks on end. Our sleep was suffering and our anxiety and frustration was building every day. I was all but convinced that nothing was going to make any difference.

The very next day after writing that post, my essential oils kit arrived (from Young Living, they have no idea I'm writing this post). A few days later, I had the diffusers set up in the girls' bedrooms and was ready to give it a shot. We had absolutely nothing to lose.. well, except the little bit of sleep we were getting each night, I guess. Being a super-newbie to essential oils, I went with what little I knew.  I put 3 drops of lavender oil and 2 drops of an oil blend called Stress Away into the oil diffusers. I also applied a drop of of lavender to the pulse points behind their ears. We did our bedtime routine as usual, tucked the girls in, and waited.

Her night terrors would usually strike between 45-60 minutes after we put her to bed. I was watching the clock and trying to distract myself at the same time. I was so hopeful and desperate, yet I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. After all, nothing else we had tried made any difference. What were the chances that some nice smelling oils were going to suddenly do the trick? Oh, me of little faith! But alas, the one hour mark came and went. All was quiet. We waited a little longer. Still quiet. Eventually we went to bed ourselves. I had been having so much anxiety about going to bed knowing that she could be waking up any minute that it was hard for me to settle in. But nevertheless, I was cautiously optimistic. The later we got into the night the less likely she would be to have a night terror since they typically occur shortly after going to sleep and generally in the first half of the night.

Sure enough we woke up in the morning after our first quiet night in months. To say I was in disbelief is an understatement. In fact, it wasn't until we'd had a solid week of quiet nights that I was fully convinced that the oils had made the difference. The quiet nights continued until I decided to change up the oil combination one night. Just like before, she had a night terror at the exact usual time. This was even more confirmation for me that the oils had worked. When I went back to the original combo of lavender and Stress Away, she slept through the night again.

I wish I could say she hasn't had another night terror since using the oils, but she has had maybe 2-3 over the past two months, which is still a drastic improvement. Each time we were able to identify a significant contributing factor (such as being overtired or forgetting to use the bathroom before bed) that probably just counterbalanced the positive effect of the oils. Before this experience, I truly didn't understand (or believe, if I"m being totally honest) how essential oils could physically affect the body. Well, we are true believers now and could not be more thankful to have found a completely natural, zero-side-effect solution that works reliably to help our child sleep. I only looked into essential oils because we desperately needed a solution for this problem. And wouldn't you know, the amazing, healthy answer was something so simple and miraculously crafted by God himself. He is so good.

After realizing the power of essential oils, we have used them for numerous other applications as well. I suffer from headaches and have been able to use oils to relieve them. I've also used them to help with digestion, anxiety, and focus. We diffuse and apply them to help support immunity, especially during the winter months. And that's just how I'm using the oils that were part of my starter kit. There are tons of other oils out there I haven't even met with amazing benefits all their own. The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure I'll be using my oils for a long time to come. I'm looking forward to sharing more about our EO journey and all the ways oils work their magic in our lives!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about essential oils, I'd love to share what I know and how oils have made a difference for our family. Please leave a comment and we'll get in touch! 

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