I'm a self-proclaimed minimalist-at-heart. Clutter stresses me out and makes me very cranky. Additionally, we've always lived in smallish spaces which sort of requires a level of minimalism. The concept of minimalism resonates deeply with my heart and spirit. I find it a little bit more challenging to commit to a truly minimalist lifestyle, however. Part of that is that I have three small children. It's not impossible to be a true minimalist with small children, but it's difficult. Kids have a lot of stuff (particularly babies), and people love to give kids stuff. I also have a husband who is a collector. He lets me be me, and I let him be him. Collecting sports memorabilia is part of him and what he loves. Our basement reflects that. And another part is just me struggling to let go of certain things and break certain habits. I'm sentimental, and I don't have a lot of spare time to sort through things. I just don't. And 3/4 of the "stuff" in my house belongs to the other 4 people I live with and just isn't mine to give away.

I am always working on this though, and in many ways I practice minimalism. I'm very discerning with what I spend money on and what I bring into our home. I don't keep more than what we need of most items, and I don't over-commit our schedules. In this way we very much embody the "living simply" aspect of minimalism leaving ourselves the time, space, money, and energy for what is truly important to us.

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