"You're Crazy!"
"I could never do that!!"
"Best of luck!"
And my favorite,

When I tell people that we homeschool, I hear all the responses. Usually I don't bother launching into an explanation of how and why we decided to homeschool our children, but it wasn't something that came about lightly.

We originally chose homeschooling for our family for a variety of reasons. Several are very well articulated in this article from Homegrown Learners and this post by Leo Babauta. I've been a public school teacher in one of the highest rated school districts in the nation, and the shortfalls of the public school system are many. From class size to curriculum to age-appropriate expectations, there's a lot that's off the mark according to good research. I want to teach my children in the way kids learn best, by exploring and doing. I want to show them that learning is fun and exciting. I want them to learn so many practical skills that public schools ignore. More than learning the highest level of math at the earliest age, I want my children to enjoy learning and know how figure things out on their own. I don't want them to be intimidated in the face of a challenge, rather I want them to feel confident and empowered that they'll be able to meet that challenge because they have the skills to do so.

All that said, we began homeschooling in September 2015. Through some trial and error, we've finally hit our stride in a student-led, topic-based, exploratory style of learning known as unschooling. It's an amazing process that truly allows the student to shine. We learn all of the basic, necessary subjects like reading, math, science, history, PE, health and music by exploring topics of her interest and learning everything we can (at an age-appropriate level) about them.

To learn more about what unschooling looks like in practice, check out my posts on our unschooling adventures :)

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